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// Our Belief

It’s time you get the recognition – and rewards – you deserve

Your hard-earned credit score shouldn't go unnoticed

After years of building your credit score, you should be recognized and rewarded.  After all, a good credit score proves you are a great customer.  And great customers deserve the best price when shopping.

Get rewarded for your hard work.  

Do more
with your credit score

You’ve already achieved a good credit score. Arrive is your chance to use your score to pay less for all the things you buy at leading retailers.   

Don't leave money on the table, it's already yours.

Shop as a verified buyer

Your membership signals that Arrive has verified your credit score.  You'll still get the same discounts, promotions, and sales that are available to everyone, but you'll also get cash back on your purchase.

You’ll always secure the best possible deal.

// How it Works

Discover your Credit Score's True Potential

Simple. Secure. Completely Free.

Arrive is safe and secure, it does not impact your credit score in any way. Our sign-up process is simple and fast.

It takes less than 2 minutes to join.

3 Membership Tiers.
Limitless Rewards.

Your membership tier is determined by your credit score. The higher your tier the more cash rewards you will earn for each purchase.

Membership in Arrive is completely free.

Be kept in the know.

Arrive will automatically notify you while you are shopping about exclusive cash back opportunities that aren’t publicly available. You’ll know you're getting the best price.

You'll shop with confidence.

Get Rewarded.

You’ll get exclusive cash back opportunities in addition to any sales, promotions, or discounts that your favorite stores are offering.

You'll pay less and get a better deal.

Real Money. Really Yours.

All the cash rewards you earn are yours and available whenever you want it.  With a few clicks you can have cash deposited into your PayPal account or sent to you via check.

No gimmicks.  No tricks.

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Say 'hi' to some of our partners 
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We’ve negotiated with over 2,500 online retailers and stores, ensuring that you get nothing but the best deal. Our partners are leaders in their industry, meaning that you can get anything you need without paying the same ever again.    

// Special Offer

Give Arrive a try and receive $30, on us

New Members get $15 just for trying Arrive for seven days, and $15 more as an added bonus after you earn your first cash reward. On top of that, we’ll give you exclusive access to our highest tier membership for the first 3 months.  Details below.

You’re invited! Get started today.

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Special offer terms: We are excited for you to try Arrive and we're happy to make such a generous offer. But, unfortunately, we know that some people will try to pull one over on us. That's why we alone determine if the cash bonus is owed to you.  We may adjust or withhold the amount you receive from the special offer if we believe there is behavior that is fraudulent, suspicious, indicative of “viral” or mass distribution, or in any way inconsistent with the spirit of the offer.  "Trying Arrive for seven days" means adding Arrive's browser extension, the Arrive Button, to your web browser, keeping it for at least seven days, and actually experiencing how Arrive can help you save money over that time.  You must provide accurate contact information and have the Arrive Button to receive the offer.  U.S. residential address required.  Must be 18+ and reside within the United States. One per household.