Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions -Last Updated November 2020

How does this program work?
This program is free. You earn every time you click through this site or browser extension, and shop. The amount you earn is shown for each store. In addition to earning, you will also get the same sales/discounts (and often better) as if you went directly to the store site.

How can I be sure I get credit for my transactions?
You just need to click through to the retailer, and be sure you do not use an alternate coupon code or click through another browser extension during your purchase process.

Missing a transaction?
If you do not see a transaction post within 3 days, please sign in and submit the missing transaction details on your Account screen (in the menu). We accept missing transaction submissions up to 30 days after the transaction date. Missing transactions are researched on a best effort basis for 60 days after submission. Given the fact that some retailers are more responsive than others, after 60 days we update the status to expired, to reflect the reality that the retailer is unlikely to attribute the transaction to you. Each transaction that is received from a retailer is considered pending up to approximately 90 days from the original transaction date, and moves from pending to finalized based on the merchant notification to us that the sale is final, typically based on their return policy.

How can I see all the offers from any one retailer?
Click on the logo of any retailer to see their page which contains their details and all offers.

How can I get the Arrive Button?
Please sign in to Arrive on your computer using Chrome, Bing, or Firefox, then scroll to the bottom of the page to see a link to add the Button.

I upgraded my computer and the Arrive Button stopped working, what should I do?
The extension probably no longer knows who you are, so uninstall the Button. Then log into Arrive and scroll to the bottomof the page and add the Button again.